How does consignment work?

Our Drop-offs are currently closed, will open for the week of August 16-21 2021

We are going digital! All consignors must sign our updated contract when dropping off. We will not accept clothing from anyone else if you have not signed the newest contract. 

Drop Off Requirements

  • All clothes to be freshly washed
  • Must be tied in a bag (preferred plastic)
  • Max one bag per consignor (can as large as the size of garbage bag)
  • We will not accept loose items, nor will we accept items in totes or on hangers (all items are steamed and hung by our staff before being placed on the sales floor)
  • Encourage donation of unsellable items (goes locally to Boys and Girls Club) 
  • If you choice your items to be returned - Items we do not select will be put aside for you to pick up within 1 week from the date. You will be contacted by email with your deadline for pickup. If you do not pickup your items by assigned pickup deadline they will generously donated to Big Brothers and big Sisters & Haven House Society. There are no exception to this rule.
  • We will not accept any damaged items: snagged, holes, stains, pilled, missing buttons, broken zippers, or other disrepairs. We take size XS to XL Woman's clothing as long as they fit our requirements for quality! 

Consignor Contract 

-The consignment split is 60/40. You (the consignor) will receive 40% of the final selling price. 

-Payouts are sent by e-transfer of the 15th of every month, a minimum of $50 is required. And they must be requested by 12:00pm on the 15th by email.

- You will receive 10% off your purchase when using store credit. (discount is not combinable with other promotions and credit must cover 50% or more of the transaction to be applicable.)

-Items in store for over 90 days becomes store property. Leiv it or Love will not notify the consignor once the item(s) time on the floor is up  

-The consignor is responsible for keeping track of the timeline for your items in store (90 days on the floor), we do NOT call consignors at the end of a season, or when the 90 days is up​. If the consignor wants to pick items up they MUST give us 24 hours notice by email. 

-Leiv it or Love it may determine selling price, unless the item qualifies for our “Luxury Consignment Contract” (please scroll down to find info on that contract).

What is your Luxury Consignment Contract?

This contract has the same basis as our General Contract, but it has some slight changes.

-To qualify for this contract the item must be $500+.

-Upon drop off either proper documentation of authentication must be provided or a fee of $26 is charged (per item) so Leiv it or Love it can get the item(s) authenticated at Real Authentication.

-Real Authentication’s process is done entirely online so your item does NOT leave the store.

-Consignor split changes to 60/40, 60% to the consignor 40% to Leiv it or Love it.

-Consignors do hold the right to propose which amount they would like the selling price to be at, or inform us of the price one bought it at originally. Leiv it or Love it can then counter a price until an agreed upon amount is set.

-COVID-19 Safety Consignment Protocol, Due to the Covid-19 outbreak we have new protocols in place for the safety of our safe and customers. 

Where do we donate clothes?

We donate to Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Haven Society.

When can I drop off as a new or existing consignor?

No appointment is ever required for a drop off. Come by anytime that we are accepting drop offs. We do not go through items on the spot.

How fast will my items get put on the floor after drop off?

Due to Covid protocols and the amount of drop offs we have been receiving , processing your items can take up to a month or longer until your items hit our sales floor & website.  

Do you do Gift Certificates?

Yes we do! Come in store anytime during store hours to purchase a gift certificate for you or as a gift! Any amount you want! Gift certificates can be issued instore or online (can not change once issued) cannot be combined with another gift certificate or store credit.

Can I use Gift Certificates or Store Credit Online?

Only online gift certificates can be used online. Store credit cannot be used through our online store, but if you message us on Facebook/Instagram or email us at info@leivitorloveit.com with screenshots or item names and descriptions of what items you would like to purchase we can ring it through on your store credit as soon as we are in shop! As for gift certificates they can only be used once you are in-store with the certificate in hand!

Do you do e-transfers for purchases?

Yes we do! This is always a good way to use credit at the same time as well! A lot of customers don't have enough credit to cover the whole item so they just transfer us the remaining! Again, please message us or email us with screenshots or name and descriptions of what item(s) you would like. We will then ring them through on our till, apply store credit (if applicable), and get back to you on how much you owe. Please always make sure to get in contact with us before transferring as we get a lot of emails and the transfer could get lost if we are unaware that one is being sent.

Do you do holds?

No we do not do any holds as products can sell online at any point! If you are unable to make it in store but want to purchase an item you are very welcome to e-transfer us or buy online!

Are you still accepting Local Vendors?

Yes! As a small local company we love to support other small businesses throughout our community. If you are interested in being a Vendor in shop please email us at info@leivitorloveit.com, with pictures of descriptions if your products and we will get back to you ASAP with all the additional information.

What brands do you not accept?

Garage, Urban Planet, Ardenes, George/Walmart, Joe Fresh, Old Navy, Suzy Shier, Nygard, Mariposa, Addition Elle, Alia N Tanjay, Bluenotes, Kismet, Bootlegger, Reitmans, Northern Reflections,Cleo, Rickis, Olsen, Tuff Athletics/ Kirkland/ Costco, Custom Made/no brand pieces. There will be more brands unlisted we will refuse. 

-The following brands we take a limited amount of selected pieces: Eddie Bauer, RW&CO, Le Château, Fashion Nova, Zaful (tags on), Shein (tags on), Vintage Pieces.

-All items must be a current and trendy style.

How often do we get new stock in?/ How often is the website updates with new arrivals?

Around 300-400 items are added every week online and in store.

How can I get featured on your account?

When you post photos in clothing/accessories bought from Leiv it or Love it use the hashtag #leivitorloveit and you will be featured on our account! If you are posting on stories just tag us.

Where do we ship?

We ship anywhere Canadian Post ships, World Wide!

What is your order processing time?

Instore pickup- if OUTSIDE OF STORE HOURS hours please give us an hour after opening to fulfill your order, and then it'll be ready for pickup. If INSIDE STORE HOURS please give us an hour as well to fulfill your order and it'll be ready for pickup! You Should receive a email from us once order is ready for pick up!!

Shipping-DURING STORE HOURS, please give us 2 hours to fulfill and package your order and then it'll be shipped out ASAP with Canadian post (depending if Canadian Post is open that day). If OUTSIDE OF STORE HOURS please give us 2 hours after opening to fulfill and package your order and then it'll be shipped out ASAP with Canadian Post (depending if Canadian Post is open that day).

-If we have any delays or problems with your order we will reach out to you via email

Do you have a layaway program?

Yes we do! We only have the LayAway program open to luxury consignment items. Payment amounts are listed in the descriptions of these items, please email us at info@leivitorloveit.com or come in store for more info!

What is your return policy?

Leiv It Or Love It is offering online exchanges starting March 1st 2021

  • Applicable on online purchases ONLY
  • Exchanges must be made within 14 days from purchase
  • Excludes any items purchased during a promotion or sale
  • Must return item to store with receipt/invoice (exceptions will be made to orders shipped)
  • If item was shipped, you must pay for return shipping 
  • Can choose to have either in-store or online credit, can not switch once decision is made
  • No exchanges on online purchases made before May 1st 2021.


All exchanges are for store credit only. Not redeemable for cash or consignor credit. For any inquiries please send us a message!


Thank you for Supporting Local!